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Truly unique and exciting, Japan's cities attract millions of tourists from all around the globe each year. Rich in history but undeniably modern, Japanese cities are the perfect blend of old and new. Their rich tapestry of people, food, sights and nightlife make a visit to Japan a must-do for many.

Menbakaichidai Restaurant

If you want to try out something completely different, then Menbakaichidai, which specializes in creating havoc and setting your meal on fire is a pretty safe bet.

Discover Japan By Interest

Discover the inspiration you need to make your journey to Japan the trip of a lifetime.

Japan, the land of endless discovery, has exciting experiences in store for each and every visitor. From beach holidays on Okinawa to dining in Michelin-starred restaurants in Kyoto, we can help you unearth moments that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

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