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It’s truly an honor to launch and manage Japan.com. This portal is very special to us as it is our first attempt to create several city guides within one domain that not only covers the very essence of each city but also becomes a helpful guide to those visiting these beautiful cities and incredible country. We sincerely hope this portal becomes everyone’s essential tool when planning to visit or are currently in any of the cities that we cover. We hope that we provide the essential information to guide and advise you of the keys shops, hotels and restaurants to make your stay pleasurable.

Our staff, being global travellers themselves, have put a lot of their heart and soul into this portal and we all hope that the result is insightful and reflects accurate information about the many treasures and rich cultural heritage that can be found in the cities we have covered.

We haven’t forgotten those who are passionate about understanding what Japan offers in food, entertainment or shopping. For this reason we have provide information that will fit any wallet or taste.

We hope that this portal will stand the test of time in being a helpful tool for any need regarding Japan and it’s major cities. You have our commitment to constantly update the portal with the latest information, the newest restaurants and best shopping possibilities.

We would like to extend our greatest thanks to our contributors, fellow Japanese residents and all global users that have and will continue to contribute content, news, photos, videos and critical comments in making Japan.com a must-use website for all those travelling to Japan now and in the future. So, please join us and be part of this wonderful worldwide effort.


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At Japan.com, we truly understand the power of media & information. We also understand that the world is comprised of diversified complex cultures that may date back thousands of years, have different religious beliefs and political philosophies. We understand and respect that every community & government have its own unique DOs & DON’Ts, YES’s & NO’s. In short, we respect diversity and we believe that this is the way forward.


It is with all this understanding that we aim to use technology to bring the world closer together by providing simple & precise information and to be able to give every local community an equal opportunity to participate in our projects and to use the products & tools that we create. We value profit but we pay more attention to our clients, partners & users’ needs. We are here to serve the world.


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