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Fukuoka’s cuisine features elements of Chinese and Korean cooking, due to the city’s proximity to the Asian mainland. Local specialities include Hakata ramen, a noodle soup with pork broth and marinated pollock roe. For adventurous eaters, motsunabe is a flavoursome offal stew from Fukuoka which is considered a delicacy.  Beyond local cuisine, you will find many other options, from food carts to fine dining restaurants with fantastic views.
Luxury & Grand Recommendations
2-8-8 Watanabedori, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0004
Yamanaka is a Fukuoka-based chain which adds a modern twist to one of Japan’s most traditional dishes.
Hakata Riverain Mall 2F, Shimo-Kawabatacho, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 812-0027
Restaurant Hiramatsu offers the best French fine-dining cuisine you are likely to find in the Hakata area.
Mid-range & Affordable Recommendations
2-2-12 Mukaino Minami Ward Fukuoka 815-0035
Offal hotpot may not be at the top of everyone’s ‘must try’ list, but this restaurant is the perfect place for sampling Fukuoka's most famous and delicious dishes.
Canal City Hakata B1F, 1-2-22 Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 812-0018
The Moomin Café is based on characters from the 1990s animated series, which was a big hit in Japan.
1-9-1 Akasaka, 2F Sunny Akasaka, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0042
Motsunabe is one of the most divisive Japanese dishes - people tend to either love or loathe it, and very few fall in the middle of those two extremes.
2-7-7 Ropponmatsu Chuo Ward Kawazu Bldg 1F, Fukuoka 810-0044
Nihao! Ponyu serves up fresh and familiar Chinese dishes in big portions and at reasonable prices.
2-2-17 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0041
Chikae serves up some of the best fish in Fukuoka in a warm, welcoming and fun environment.
2-8-27 Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 810-0801
When you’ve been in business serving the same dish for more than 140 years, you know you are doing something right.
Budget & Economical Recommendations
3-17-10 Hakataekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 812-0011
Udon noodles are made using wheat flour and cut thicker, and form the base of a very hearty meal.
5-3-2 2F Nakasu Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka-ken, 810-0801
The Hakata-style features a rich, pork-based broth, juicy pork slices, and thin noodles, and Ichiran serves up a hearty, delicious bowl without any fuss.
B2F Solaria Stage, 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0001
Hyotan Sushi offers gourmet sushi like abalone, sea urchin, and grilled eel at an affordable price.
Tenjin Toho Building 1F, 2-6-27 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 812-0853
The fact that everything is made to order, coupled with the restaurant’s popularity, means that queues start forming well before it opens.