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In recent years, Japanese food has been catapulted from relative obscurity to one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

Originally developed during Japan’s feudal era as a more efficient way for samurai to defend themselves and injure their opponents, Japanese martial arts have evolved over the years....

Tokyo is due to host the Summer Olympics in 2020, and excitement for the event is already building across Japan. The country has a long sporting history and competitive games form an important part of its culture.

Japan is renowned for its vast, modern cities, but outside of its urban areas is a spectacular landscape which is perfect for exploring on foot.

Japan has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most high-tech places on the planet, home to dozens of the world's largest electronics firms. – Skyscraper Banner

It may be surprising to some that a country like Japan, a world leader in regards to producing new technology, is still deeply connected to its history and traditions.

Thanks to an insurgence of hero movies dominating the cinema, comic books are slowly finding a wider audience in the west. In Japan, comics, known locally as manga...

With 110 active volcanoes in Japan, the country is one of the most geologically active inhabited areas on the planet.

When one thinks of Japan today, it's hard not to think of electronic goods, gadgets and computer games. Japanese electronics have a reputation for high quality, innovation and reliability...

With a history that is as long as it is rich, Japan has an abundance of amazing structures that you really should take the time to see. There are currently 20 World Heritage Sites in Japan, 16 of them cultural, 4 natural.

Japan may not be the first port of call for adrenaline junkies, but the country is home to some truly unique roller coasters and rides that will satisfy even the most adventurous of appetites.

Japan is known for its high-tech electronics and advanced gadgetry. While many of these products are either astronomically expensive or are merely experimental concepts...

At first glance, it can seem a little daunting to take the first step with a seemingly endless back catalogue to choose from. Luckily, manga is divided up into genres and categories...

If you ever are lucky enough to find yourself in Japan, there are some traditions that you simply must not miss. Top of the list for many will probably be taking a dip in a natural hot spring or onsen.

There are no fewer than 16 Cultural World Heritage Sites in Japan running up and down the country, with new areas vying for a spot on that honoured list every single year.

Zazen is a peaceful form of Buddhism that explores the importance of meditation and how that can help you discover more about yourself.

One thing that may strike you when you visit Japan is that every city, town or village is seemingly famous for at least one very particular reason.

Traditions and Culture

Festivals in Japan

Matsuri (or festivals) are an integral part of Japanese culture. Every year there are tens of thousands of festivals held all around the country.

When in Japan, many visitors wish to experience wearing a traditional kimono, and it is not difficult to see why.

Kimono, which means a "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing"), is the quintessential Japanese robe and one that resonates with an air of deep tradition and sophistication.

Throughout history, tools of war have continually evolved. Some nations choose to innovate with technology while other, like Japan, innovated through technique.

Although there are plenty of traditional Japanese attractions in Japan, the are also several options with a more international flavour that draw in huge crowds every single day.

Traditions and Culture

Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism is not so much a religious belief, but a state of mind one hopes to achieve. There are no doctrines or strict rules one must follow, nor does it tell you what to think.