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Chanpuru Market


Well-stocked food market specialising in locally sourced produce

Located a short drive from Okinawa City, Chanpuru Market is a seasonal produce shop dedicated to stocking locally sourced food. Part of farmers’ market chain JA, the store stocks an enormous range of items.  These goods make up the renowned Okinawan diet, which is believed to be the main reason of the life expectancy. The shop slogan translates to ‘locally produced for local people’, and the company promotes contact between customers and producers and aims to keep the food miles (travel distance between consumer and farmer) of its stock to a minimum.  Despite the store’s eco credentials, prices here are often lower than what you would find in many of the markets in Naha or Okinawa City. Specialities available at Chanpuru Market include sweet carrots from the tiny Tsuken Island, mango, and edible chrysanthemum flowers. You will also find low-cost goods such as Okinawan tea, confectionary, and handmade pottery.