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Daikanyama Pancake Cafe

代官山パンケーキカフェ Clover’s

Tuck into a strawberry pancake at Daikanyama

Want to try a colourful omelette and a tasty pancake? You shouldn’t miss the Daikanyama Pancake Cafe Clover’s! The strawberry pancake is very popular with its fresh fruit and creamy sauce. You definitely won’t be hungry after you’ve eaten here. Grab a drink and a pancake, and enjoy the chilled atmosphere in the Daikanyama.


  • 11am–10pm daily. Irregular holidays, please check the schedule on the website
  • +813 37702733
  • 2F, 18-8, Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034
  • Daikan-yama Station, three-minute walk