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Hateruma Kokusai dori Restaurant

沖縄地料理 波照間

Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in an ancient Okinawan décor setting

Kokusai dori is located on the very lively Kokusai street. Some say it is the closest you come to experiencing a bit of Tokyo in Okinawa. If you wish to escape the seclusion and peacefulness of Okinawa for a night, this is the place to go.

The restaurant itself focuses on traditional Okinawan cuisine which bears many similarities to Chinese cuisine - unsurprisingly given the island's history of trade with mainland China.

Most nights Sanshin minstrels are on stage providing traditional dancing and singing shows. If a more quiet setting is preferred, private dining rooms are also on offer. The whole interior design has a beautiful antique feel, which stays true to its Okinawan roots.


  • Open daily; Lunch: 11am - 5pm; Dinner: 5pm - Midnight
  • (+81) 098-863-8859
  • 1-2-30, Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900-0013
  • 10 minute walk from Kenchomae or Miebashi monorail station