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Hyo-tei Restaurant


Try the “Hyotei Eggs” so loved by the Samurai

Hyotei is an old and established restaurant to say the least; it was founded over 400 years ago in a pine tree forest just outside the main gate of the famed Nanzenji Temple. During those early years it was a tea house for the pious on their way to the Nanzenji Temple.

Things have changed since then and Hyo-tei has morphed into a Michelin 3-starrestaurant. However, it still remains a family business, currently managed by Eiichi Takahashi, the 14th generation owner keeps the place running.  Besides the Michelin recognition, the hyotei is also an Intangible Cultural Property of Kyoto, a city known for cultural heritage itself.

Some of the popular dishes served at Hyotei are: a three-tiered gourd-shaped dish, a bowl of white miso soup, sweet fish grilled with salt, and a fluffy white rice porridge. Their by far most famous dish is however their “Hyotei eggs.” When these soft-boiled eggs are cooked, the egg whites are firm, and the yolks are soft and tender. The yolks don’t stain the whites, giving the egg a somewhat hard to describe, mysterious taste, the eggs alone make Hyo-tei well worth a visit, but by all means try out some of the other excellent dishes of theirs as well since you are there in the first place!


  • 11:00am – 7:30pm, daily; Closed on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (Main building) and every Thursday (Annex)
  • (+81) 75-771-4116
  • 35 Kusagawa-cho, Nanzenji, Sakyo District, Kyoto
  • Near the Nanzenji Temple Bus: Route 5 or 100 to Dobutsuen-mae (7 min.) 10 min walk from Keage Station, Tozai subway line.

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