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Indeiankare Restaurant


One of the best curry restaurants in Osaka

Located in the Chuoku district in Osaka, Indeiankare specialises in Indian curry. Their dishes are famous for starting out tasting sweet when you start eating, but becoming increasingly spicy, which makes this type of curry addictive. The best dish at Indeiankare contained sweet and sour cabbage pickles on top of rice and stirred in a unique sauce.

As Indeiankare is very popular with locals and visitors to Osaka, be prepared for the restaurant to be busy during peak hours. Having to wait in line is common but the wait is worth it once you get to taste their famous curry.


  • 10.00am - 10.00pm, daily
  • (+81) 6-6282-2040
  • 2 Minamisenba, Chuoku, Osaka 542-0081, Osaka Prefecture
  • 1-minute walk from the East exit of Nagahoribashi Station (Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line); 1-minute walk from the North exit of Nagahoribashi Station (Sakaisuji Line); 5-minute walk from the North exit of Shinsaibashi Station (Midosuji Line)

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