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Jahana Kippan Confectionary

銘菓継承 謝花きっぱん店

Handmade traditional Okinawan confectionary

This small, family-run store produces and sells kippan, a traditional Okinawan confectionary made from locally grown citrus, one of many different Okinawan speciality foods.

The sweet was first introduced to Okinawa by the Chinese more than 300 years ago, and today they are enjoyed by people all over Japan. The Jahana family are experts in producing kippan and have been doing so for three generations.

Each sweet takes around four days to finish and is made using kaabuchi fruit, winter melon and sugarcane. The finished product has an intensely sharp, citrusy flavour and is best enjoyed with a cup of Japanese green tea.


  • (+81) 98-867-3687
  • 1-5-14 Matsuo, Naha 900-0014
  • An 8-minute walk from Kencho-Mae Station on the Yui Rail Monorail Line