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JR Kyoto Station Isetan Department Store


Upscale department store in Kyoto Station

Occupying 11 floors of Kyoto’s futuristic transport hub, the Isetan Department Store is the perfect place for luxury retail therapy while you wait for your train in the heart of Kyoto.
The store’s first floor is home to international boutiques, with brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Bottega Veneta.
4 floors are dedicated to designer women’s fashion, cosmetics and accessories, and a further 3 for menswear and household goods.
Floor 11 is home to a selection of 15 gourmet restaurants serving mainly Japanese cuisine.
An upscale food market, featuring delis, confectioners and grocers can be found on the 2 basement floors.
The design of the station building which houses the Isetan Department Store was the subject of intense controversy when it was unveiled in 1991, with critics arguing that its modern design was not in keeping with the city’s more traditional feel.
Today, the station is the 2nd largest in Japan and provides space for a hotel, cinema and even local government offices.