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Kitcho Arashiyama Honten Restaurant


Kitcho – A famed kaiseki restaurant providing an unrivaled view of the city

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten has continued its kaiseki tradition ever since its founding. The founder’s motto “with your ingenuity, you can cook everything in the natural environment” is still adhered to by the staff. Not only does it offer state of the art meals, it also gives guests a stunning view of the famed onsen hot spring spot of Mt. Arashiyama. Each tatami room faces the garden, creating a peaceful setting for your meal.

Some of the dishes you can try here are crab from the Sea of Japan, a clear soup of conger eel with matsutake mushrooms, and tile fish with gingko nuts. Hungry yet? We sure are!


  • 11:30 am – 3:00 pm (Last order 1:00 pm) / 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Last order 7:00 pm); Closed on Wednesdays, Dec 26 - 31 and Jan 3-9
  • (+81) 75-881-1101
  • 58, Susukinobaba-cho, Saga Tenryuji, Ukyo District, Kyoto 616-8385
  • 6 min walk from Keifuku Arashiyama Station; 15 min walk from Arashiyama Station, Hankyu Arashiyama Line; 20 min walk from JR Saga Arashiyama Station; 40 min taxi ride from JR Kyoto Station

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