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Kōenji Awa Odori Festival


One of the largest traditional dancing festivals in Tokyo

With more than 10,000 dancers, Kōenji Awa Odori is regarded as one of the major summer festivals in Tokyo. Each year, over one million overseas travellers visit Kōenji to celebrate with the locals. Dance troupes from all over Japan will also join the high-quality competitions during the festival. Dressed in colourful traditional costumes, dancers perform the traditional ‘awa dance’ and brighten up the streets of Kōenji. Arrive early to secure a nice viewing spot and soak up the fun-filled atmosphere.


  • +81 3-5400-1154
  • Koenjiminami 2-, 3-, and 4-chome, and Koenjikita 2- and 3-chome Suginami-ku, along the shopping streets north and south of JR Koenji Station
  • Koenji Station

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