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Manga Souko Recycle Store


Large ‘recycle store’ with everything from shoes to televisions

If you're in need of clothes, accessories, or electronics, but don't want to pay retail prices for something brand new, head over to Manga Souko, one of the biggest second-hand stores on Okinawa. The large shop is part of a Japanese ‘recycle store’ chain which owns and operates dozens of locations across the country. You will find a massive selection of pre-owned goods, including anime, manga, toys, jewellery, laptops, cameras, iPods, CDs, and video games. Manga Souko also deals in used luxury fashion products, though the majority of its clothing stock is inexpensive, with items starting from 300 yen. The sign for the store is in Japanese only but look for the large black and white checkered board above the shop with the katakana characters マンガ which mean Manga. The store deals in cash only.  


  • (+81) 98-891-8181
  • 3-1-12 Takara, Naha, Okinawa 901-0145
  • A 3-minute walk from Akamine Station on the Yui Rail Monorail Line