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Mizai Restaurant


Great food in a traditional environment

If you want to try out Mizai you better book ahead, some people wait for months to get a table at this famed restaurant, so there must be something to it. Make sure you arrive at your scheduled time, as customers are only served at one time throughout the entire day. This tradition, known as the spirit of chakaiseki is still honored by the owner-chef Hitoshi Ishihara.

Each course has multiple offerings. Rice, soup, and mukozuke (sliced seasonal sashimi) dishes are served first, followed by giant bowls of fish and appetizers. The tsukuri is accented with gelatin made form salt water and kelp. A bowl containing very fine white rice with browned rice in a clear broth called Yuto is offered next. Finally you get Matcha, or green tea prepared by Ishihara himself.
As one of the few Michelin starred Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto alongside Nakamura and Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, Mizai provides a dining experience visitors will never forget!


  • 5:30pm -10:00pm (Last order 6:00 pm); Closed in late December - early January, Wednesday and last day of the month
  • (+81) 75-551-3310
  • 626 Maruyamacho, Yasakatoriimae Higashi iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0071
  • Mizai is located in Maruyama Park in Gion; A ten-minute walk from Shijo Gion Station on the Keihan Line

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