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Nagomya Souvenir Shop

新幹線地下街エスカ / ESCA

Well-stocked and convenient souvenir shop for last-minute gifts

If you’re just about to catch the train and suddenly realise you’ve forgotten to buy souvenirs, Nagomya Souvenir Shop is the perfect place to pick up some last-minute gifts.
Located mere minutes' walk from the Shinkansen platforms, the store is located at the ESCA Mall, an underground shopping complex connected to Nagoya Station.
The Nagomya Souvenir Shop stocks a wide selection of crafts, toys and locally produced confectionery. You are bound to find something regardless of whether you're in need of gifts for family or some omiyage for co-workers.
The surrounding ESCA mall is home to many casual eateries, including several shops specialising in Nagoya's kishimen noodles.


  • 052-451-7538
  • 7-1 Tsubakicho, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 453-0015
  • Avenue Esca can be accessed directly from Nagoya Station. The entrance to the mall is next to the ticket gates for the Shinkansen (bullet train). Nagomya Souvenir Shop is located near the centre of Avenue Esca. Maps in the mall show its exact location.