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Nipponbashi ‘Den-Den Town’

日本橋 でんでんタウン

Experience Japanese pop culture in Osaka’s electronics town

With hundreds of stores selling Japanese manga, anime and all manner of collectibles, Den-Den Town is the perfect place to experience Japan’s famous geek culture.

Sometimes referred to as ‘denki no machi’ (‘electric town’), many stores in Nipponbashi also specialise in all things electrical; including new and second-hand mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and TVs.
Often compared to Tokyo’s well-known electronics district, Akihabara, Den-Den Town is also home to a large number of cosplay cafes and games arcades.
Shopping in the area is centred around Sakaisuji Avenue, with the biggest stores located about half way between Nippombashi and Ebisucho subway stations, but the adjacent streets are full of smaller shops specialising in Japanese and international toys and collectibles.

Every March, Den-Den Town hosts the colourful Nipponbashi Street Festa which attracts thousands of cosplayers and anime fans.


  • Nipponbashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 556-0005
  • From Ebisucho subway station (Sakaisuji Line), leave through exit 1A or 1B and walk north on Sakaisuji Avenue for 2 minutes; From Nippombashi Subway Station ( Sakaisuji Line and Sennichimae Line), take Exit 5 and walk south on Sakaisuji Avenue for 5 minutes; From Namba Station (Nankai Line), follow signs for Nipponbashi and leave via the south entrance. Den-Den Town is a 3-minute walk away.