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Sushi Musashi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten

寿しのむさし JR京都アスティロード店

Ride the sushi train at Sushi Musashi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten

When you walk into the Kyoto Station complex, you would be forgiven to think a whole new world existed. Inside this “city within a city” is the best place to ride the sushi train – Sushi Musashi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten.

This kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi) restaurant lets you sit down next to the conveyor-belt to pick your favorite sushi. If you’re in a hurry, you can place your sushi pieces inside a take-away box. Unlike most “conventional” sushi restaurants, Sushi Mushahi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten allows you to customize your own sushi with everything from duck, ham, horsemeat, omelette, and a wide variety of seafood. Toro, lobster salad, abalone, and regular maki rolls are also among the varieties of sushi rolls you can grab off the sushi train. If you are looking for something completely different or are simply looking to fill up after shopping at Kyoto Station Isetan Department Store, Sushi Mushahi Jr Kyotoasuteirodoten has got you covered!


  • 10:00am – 11:30pm, daily
  • (+81) 75-662-0634
  • 8-3 Higashishiokojitakakuracho, Shimogyo District, Kyoto Omotenashi Komichi, Kyoto 600-8214
  • Inside Kyoto Station

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