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Tokyo Station Ikaruga Restaurant

東京駅 斑鳩

Unlike your usual ramen experience

Most of the famous ramen shops in Tokyo usually come with oily and salty soup, but in Ikaruga, you can try a more refreshing ramen soup with seafood taste. Purchase tickets from the vending machine outside the shop, then grab a seat inside and you will have your bowl of ramen after 10 minutes. Pay attention to the delicious soft-boiled eggs and chashu pork. They are amazing! With an affordable price tag, its ramen starts from 780 yen.


  • 10am-11pm daily
  • +81 3-3286-3586
  • Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1-9-1, Tokyo Station Ichibangai underground South Street 
  • Tokyo Station (Yaesu Undergraound Exit)

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