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Tsuboya Pottery Museum


The Tsuboya Pottery Museum – a place to learn about the history of Okinawan pottery

The Okinawans pride themselves on their unique culture of pottery, with contemporary techniques handed own over centuries. The emotional home of pottery in Okinawa is Tsuboya, and that is where, unsurprisingly, Okinawa's best pottery museum is located.

The origins of Tsuboya dates back to the 17th century when a royal decree gathered the pottery industry, which had been scattered all over the islands, into the area. Tsuboya was chosen because the water and soil in the area were optimal for pottery production.

The museum is small, just three floors, and it takes less than an hour to view; however, this lack of size does not diminish the overall experience!

In Tsuboya you will find a myriad of stores and galleries featuring Okinawan pottery and its history. The same families have owned some of the stores for generations. You will also find traditional statues, chopsticks, mugs and other items of interest. Not only is it a great place to for souvenirs, you can also learn something about the history of this fascinating industry.