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Uragu Stationery, Higashiyama

裏具 東山

Unique and inexpensive stationery gifts

Nestled at the end of a narrow alley on the bank of the Kamo River, Uragu is a stationery shop offering a unique selection of handmade products which make perfect gifts.

Opened in 2006, the store specialises in paper and writing products, and stocks high-end calligraphy materials such as scrolls and quills.
However, alongside the pricey stationery are inexpensive items including postcards, bookmarks and mamemo – tiny notebooks packed in a decorative box which can be had for 350yen.

One word of warning – the store entrance isn't visible from the street , and it’s easy to walk straight past the alley. Look for a small white sign displaying the Uragu logo and follow the passageway until you see the shop.


  • (+81) 075-551-1357
  • 297 Miyagawasuji 4-chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0801
  • Uragu is located almost exactly between 2 stations on the Keihan Line: Gion-Shijo Station and Kiyomizu Station. Both are approximately an 8-minute walk away. The closest subway station is Gojo Station. From exit 1, Uragu can be reached within 15 minutes on foot.