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Yamachan (Sekai No Yamachan Honten)


The best and most affordable Nagoya food

You just can't visit Nagoya without stopping by at Yamachan, a restaurant chain that serves a plethora of Nagoya specialities, including Miso Katsu (deep fried pork cutlets drizzled with miso sauce), tebasaki (peppered chicken wings), kishimen (Nagoya style noodles) and even Miso flavoured beer.  They also serve Japanese classics, including sushi, salads, grilled fish, noodles and fried rice, so there is something for everyone.  Not only is the food is affordable, once you start eating, but you are also unlikely to want to stop.  The atmosphere is also lively and welcoming.  Yamachan is a favourite with large office parties, so it can get a little rowdy, especially during major celebrations.  However, no matter what night you go on, you're sure to have a blast and a fantastic meal.